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Calendar and Event Lister PHP Script

My Script Store calendar and event lister PHP script.This web site add-on module is great for all kinds of web sites, i.e, craft web sites, colleges, chambers of commerce, churches, bands, clubs, etc. It's a must for any organization needing to provide event listings for one state or nationwide.

When visitors come to your site, they simply select the state in which they're interested and they're automatically presented with upcoming events for that state. If the site visitor finds an event that is of interest, the visitor can elect to have a reminder automatically emailed a few days before the event. You must have reminders capabilities on your server; see Server Requirements below.

One of the nicest things about this script is that anyone can submit events to you for inclusion on your web site. You can make this page public or not; it's up to you. However, if you allow folks to submit events on your site, you are sent an email message in which you must approve the event before it is shown on your web site. This approval process totally prevents any spamming of your site's events listing and prevents any undesirable language that could penetrate your listing area without your permission.

All the forms and text are incorporated into a Cascading Style Sheet. So, you can change the colors of everything to match your own web site.

This script uses a back-end MySQL database to store the events and reminders. This back-end area is password-protected for the site administrator only.

This web site add-on module is great for all kinds of web sites, i.e, chambers of commerce, churches, bands, colleges, clubs, etc. This calendar type event lister, is great for any organization needing to provide a central location for site visitors to view a list of upcoming events, without the site visitor having to go through a lot of complicated screens. Events for each month are listed. Site visitors can elect to be reminded of a particular event by providing their email address. The event descriptions do allow for simple HTML, which could be used for linking to an external web site for more information on a particular event.

This script uses a back-end MySQL database to store the calendar entries, the reminders and user names and passwords. The script provides a "front-end", in which the calendar is shown to the site vistor. It also provides a password-protected "back-end" for the calendar administrator(s) to edit the calendar entries, not visible to any site visitors.


If you would like either of these Event Listers customized for your web site, click here to get a customization quote and we'll gladly modify it to suit your web site needs for an additional fee.

Server Requirements

GUARANTEED ONLY for use on Linux servers.  As PHP and MySQL both are Linux natives, it is strongly recommended that you only use any PHP script on a Linux server. The script does contain explicit instructions for installation. The script will work with MySQL 3 versions and PHP 4 versions. You will need to check and see if a cron job can be set on your web server if the built-in reminders function is important to you. 


Purchase and download of the scripts/software ... the cost is $49.00 for both scripts. However, if you feel that you are not brave enough to install it yourself, we can setup the script on your site for an additional fee of $50, which includes setup of the cron job as well, if available to you via your web hosting account.  If reminders are important to you, make sure and check your web hosting account and see if Cron Jobs are available for your use.

Terms and Conditions

A good understanding of the installation of scripts is assumed by the purchaser, if purchasing the scripts only. Please make sure to read the requirements above for use on your web server as there are no refunds for digital products.


BUY LINK will be back when Upgraded Version is Available


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