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Instant Quote PHP Script Generator

Instant online PHP quote generator scriptThis instant online quote script is perfect for many uses.  When a surfer visits your website and generates an instant quote, all the quote information is secretly emailed to you, which provides you a written copy of each quote a visitor generates, and thus serves as a site monitor to let you know that folks are actually using your website.  This quote script makes it easy for customers to instantly receive a quote rather than waiting for you to hand-generate a quote.  This method will help to catch 'em and grab 'em while you've got their attention before they move onto some other website that offers instant quotes.

NEW!  Check out our new website devoted to the custom instant online quote generators!

The Instant Quote Do-it-Yourself Version of the Script

If you purchase the do-it-yourself version of this script, you will receive two layouts to use in guiding you to create an instant quote on your website. You will receive a generic table file with input fields for collecting info from site visitors, the actual PHP script file where the form information is sent, and a brief readme file. Three layouts are included. You should possess a firm understanding of HTML and PHP to be able to customize this script for your needs. This script serves as a guide to help you quickly create an instant quoting system for your website. If you are not well versed in HTML and PHP, you should visit this page to get a quote for a customized version of this script and we'll do all the work for you.

INSURANCE QUOTERS: The do-it-yourself of the InstaQuote PHP Script will not work for insurance quoters. Insurance quoters require expert skill level using PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML, jQuery, CSS and Graphic Design. If you would like an insurance instant quoter, we custom-build them for websites and the starting price is $500 for a simple, non-complex quoter.  This includes a back-end MySQL database with an administration area for the site owner where everything can be adjusted including prices and carriers.  The $500 base price increases depending on the level of difficulty of the insurance quoter. If you would like a custom-built insurance quoter, click here to provide us with details about your project and we will provide you with the cost to build a custom insurance quoter for you.

Get It Customized

If you are not well versed in HTML and PHP, you should contact us to get a custom built, custom version of this script, and we'll do all the work for you. All examples shown below were purchased as customized versions of this script. The most common cost to have this script customized for a small instant quote system, with a low level of difficulty, is $150, which includes our complete customization to match any website, i.e., colors, layout, styles, etc.

Examples of The Custom Instant Quote

A few examples of websites using this script are Florida Dental Association, Global Tint, Cooks Palate, MSB Solicitors, Norfolk Roofline Services.  Please note, the websites listed here purchased a "customized" version of this script ... meaning we did custom programming on both the mechanics of the script as well as custom design to blend the quoting system into their sites. We did not build these websites.

The basic price for our customizing the script for your site is $150 and the price increases depending on the level of difficulty of the script, i.e., for insurance quoting websites.

Server Requirements

For use on any Linux or Windows server which runs PHP.


The Do-it-Yourself Version, meaning you customize it and re-design it, is $35.  If you need a customized version, it starts at $150 and goes up, depending on the complexity level involved.  If you need a customized version, click here and provide us with the details of what you are needing.  Otherwise, click below to purchase the do-it-yourself version.

Terms and Conditions

A good understanding of HTML and PHP is assumed by the purchaser. Please make sure to read the requirements above for use on your web server as there are no refunds for digital products.

Purchase Information

We are upgrading this website.  If you'd like to purchase an Instant Quote generator before our upgrade is complete, please visit our main InstaQuote website here and let us know.  We'll email you and find out what you need.  Thanks!

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